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Get a better self-image while laying on the couch!

The program “Self-imaging” helps you to effectively strengthen your image of yourself – which is your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Many of the problems that we run into in our life can be because of the image we have of ourselves maybe not are the most positive one.

The more time you listen to the suggestions in this program, the more will your image of yourself be strengthened. Start with the basic training and hereafter with the “Self-imaging” program for 1-2 week and notice the positive development.

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About Empowermind

EmpowerMind Denmark offers a variety of specialty designations in the empowerment creating personal and professional development and is also the Danish ICI Member Institute , which are the only in Denmark are licensed to certify coaches after ICI's high international standard. It is your guarantee of a quality product in the world.
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The theoretical foundation behind all our services is an effective blend of systemic thinking, positive psychology, cognitive theory and social constructionism.
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Through learning, research and documentation, creating EmpowerMind personal and professional development, which redeems the individual's talent
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EmpowerMind will be the world leader in mental training, and will be the ones who educate, certify and license the best in the market in coaching and mental training.
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